Being in your 40's is the best time of your life. You have learned enough to not make irresponsible mistakes and you should be at the top of your game in your craft.  But what about the exterior?  Yaaasss, ladies in their 40's are also concerned about our appearance.  A 40 year old diva does …

The So Cal Life

Ladies and Gentlemen, Southern California is the best place to live in the United States.  Yes, I said it.  We have great weather.  Unfortunately, the East Coast appears to be in blizzard-like conditions currently.  There is no need for a sweater in Southern California.   Southern California has beautiful beaches, amusement parks, two professional basketball teams, …

Fat Black Barbie

I photographed these Barbie Dolls in Walmart today and was utterly offended about the depiction of a Fat Black Barbie in comparison to thin White Barbie doll.  There was an obvious difference is skin color; furthermore, the black Barbie is significantly larger than the white Barbie. I was in disbelief that the image of black …

Dominique’s Kitchen

Dominique's Kitchen

I have eaten at restaurants that exhibit illustrious luxury, but Dominique's Kitchen is in a class of its own. Dominique's Kitchen is nestled in the beach city of Redondo Beach, the South Bay area of Los Angeles.

La Sierra Market

La Sierra Market

La Sierra Market is a 100% organic market in a small little quiet area of Riverside, California, and has been located across the street from LA Sierra University since 1922. When it comes to organic, they are keeping it real.