Class of 1987

My girlfriends and I wanted to go out to celebrate my friends engagement and her new days off of work, which are Friday and Saturday’s. Yes, Friday and Saturday’s. That’s a whole other story. If you graduated from high school in the 80s, this is the spot for you. Remember you are over 50 most likely. We found this bar and grill in Corona, CA called “Club 80s Bar and Grill“, suggested by a co-worker. OMG I had a blast from the past. The club is age appropriate for those over 40. The attire is simple. You can wear tennis shoes, jeans, and 80s gear if you like. There were people dressed like Salt and Pepper, Run DMC, and Cyndi Loper. We had a great time. You do not need a date to dance. You can dance with your girlfriends and hang loose. The music is the hit of the club. No hardcore hip hop. But 80s R & B and pop music like the GoGo’s. The DJ plays until around 10:30 and the then the band performs. The band is called Jheri Curl that performs on Friday nights. Jheri Curl plays music such as Cameo and Prince. They are awesome. I highly recommend to get reservations for a booth. Prepare to dance all night or at lease until 11:30 p.m. Remember this is a mature crowd that will need rest the next day. LOL I am excited to go back with my friends for silly girl dance crazy don’t care fun.

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