Drink a Glass of Wine and Comb your Hair!

Turning 50 in September was an eye opening experience. I realized how much of an adult I have become. My children are adults and I have grandchildren. Also, I am an empty nester (made up word). I can do whatever I want when I feel like it as long as it does not hurt anyone. I can drink wine by night and work overtime by day. Yes, I said it. I have no one to answer to but God. The Gloves are off and I have no limits. If I want to call him, I can. If I want to text him, I can. If I want to tell him I like him, I can. If I want to dump him, I can. Who says I can’t? I’m doing me without any permission from anyone. The reason why some women are lonely, is because they still have the gloves on and believe they are in their 20s. In your 20’s, you have limits and rules because you are looking for validation and breeding material. I am not breeding material anymore and not looking for validation from anyone. If you do not pay any of my bills and I don’t wake up to you in the morning, leave me alone. Drink a glass of wine and comb your hair. I’m Grown.

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