Vision Board

20181216_160534Vision Boards are great ideas to kick off your new year. However, I only accomplished cutting out images and pictures in 4 hours. Vision board parties are great ideas for social gatherings and flowing ideas off of one another. Friends chat and have lunch instead of focusing on the vision for the new year.

My vision board will be completed by the weekend. This will be the best yet due to turning 50 next year.  50? OMG. Where did the time fly? Did I complete the vision from my youth? Mmmm I absolutely completed some of my vision from my youth. I completed 3 degrees and working on my 4th and final, raised great children without any hiccups, and have a wonderful relationship with God. What’s next?

Maybe I will take up a new hobby, move out of state, teach at a university,  start a business, and sow seed into someone’s life. I’m not sure. But I know that it is ok to dream. Plan for 2019. Create a dream board with something that only God can provide. Go rogue. Dream big. I will have a completed board by January 1, 2019 to rock in the new year. Do not forget to display it on your wall and dream on it daily with prayer. Remember,  God will do it.



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