battery-1049668_12801199877754.jpgIt is time for the midweek charge. Our lives are made up with plans, circumstances,  and situations. This can be emotionally draining. By the time hump day comes along, Wednesday, we began to struggle. There are tools that can help you recharge your mid-week to get you to the end of the week.

1. Look forward to the weekend. Make sure you plan an event for the weekend. This keeps you excited and driven. An event can be as simple as sleeping an extra hour or taking a walk around the neighborhood.

2. Take a walk. Walk around your neighborhood and use all of your senses. Smell flowers, look at houses, feel the wind against your skin, drink water while walking, and listen to the birds chirp. Remember, you are alive.

3. If you are religious, go to a mid-week service at your place of worship. This will help keep your spiritual walk on to Sunday. Wednesday worship services are a way to retool your mental outlook.

4. Drink a cup of coffee early in the morning prior to your household gets up on the morning. Coffee is a rejuvenator. Drink coffee while the house is quiet and plan your week.

5. Take a break at work. DO NOT WORK WITHOUT A BREAK. You will burn out without a break. By Friday, you will be fried without a break. On your break, eat lunch and call a love one. This will recharge your week.

What are you tools are recharging?

This is SERINA’s opinion.

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