I recently visited New York City on a girls trip. There is so much to see in a small time frame. I highly suggest to travel to New York for at least a week. The top sites to see are:

1. 911 Memorial: This is an emotional site. Be prepared to weep. Make sure you bring tissue. Next to the memorial is the fire station of the 1st responders. The cost is free.

2. Statue of Liberty: The cost is $18.50 for the boat ride round trip to Liberty Island.  There is a cafe and gift shop if you would like to eat or make a purchase of a souvenir. Additional cost to tour Lady Liberty .


3. The New York Subway: You can’t go to New York without riding the subway. The cost range between $2.50 to $20 for a week pass. It’s inexpensive and fast transportation. An expensive option is Uber for $50-$100 and it brings traffic. 20180603_2016181063709004.jpg

4. Tonic Sports Bar: This is an awesome place to view your favorite sporting event. They serve cocktails and light food. Also, you can sing karaoke and listen to a DJ that plays the hottest songs.

5. Bravo Kosher Pizza: The cost is $5.50 a slice. This is the best pizza I have ever eaten. Omg, New York pizza is the best.

6. The Renaissance Hotel: Ladies, if you are looking for suits, this is the spot. This is where the money moves are being made. Go up to the 5th floor to the restaurant.  The food is pretty good and the atmosphere is an adult. This is a nice spot to chat, have cocktails, and network.

7. Time Square: The cost is free. There are thousands of people hanging out. This is a must see. There are restaurants, clubs, bars, and shopping. If you are not comfortable being in the presence of thousands of people , don’t go to Time Square.


8. St. Patrick’s Cathedral: The cost is frre, unless you would like to light a candle. The cost to light a candle is a $2 donation. This is the church of church’s. The church is made of marble, stone, and mahogany wood. This is a beautiful landmark. There is a gift store at the church to purchase a rosary and other Catholic figures and items. The church is directly across the street from Rockefeller Center. Rockefeller Center is across the street from Radio City Music Hall, where Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Fallen is taped. This is NBC territory.

9. Hillsong Church: The cost is free. This is a non-traditional church. The congregation is youthful and on fire for God’s. I truly enjoyed the sermon and service. There are many celebrities that attend this church, such as Kevin Durant. It has 6 services on Sunday and approximately 8,000 people attend Sunday services collectively. If you want to join church, there is no need to go front of the church in a traditional sense. You can text and you will be sent a download. Once you download the booklet of the church information , you can attend 4 new member classes. This is awesome. This is the New Church. I love it.


10. MACY’S: Yes indeed, I love this Macy’s. It is the largest Macy’s in the United States. It is 9 stories and takes up an entire city block .The basement has deals and memorabilia. The first floor has Louis Vutton, Gucci, Prada, 2 Mac Stores, Michael Kors, Starbucks,  and more. The 2nd floor is dedicated to shoes. Yes, shoes. During September and October, there are some closeout on 7 floors. This is unbelievable . The remainder of the floors have clothing. The top floor has McDonalds, Pink Berry and several other restaurants . FYI, each floor has a “Last Chance” section.


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