Ladies and Gentleman, this is my many looks over one year. I am screaming over what to do with my hair. As I get older, I am indecisive over my hair. Yes, I am hiding gray hair. No, I do not feel old. But I am 48. Why are women constantly changing hair styles? We go from short, natural, wigs, and hair extensions to confusion. With age, the decisions become more confusing. Over 40, the concerns become about covering up grays and not looking like a teenager. Well, I believe the solution for those of us that are diagnosed with Bipolar Hair Disorder, is simply be simple. Coloring your hair is great. But also add a simple hair style so you will not look like you just stepped out of a Drake video as the old lady trying to look young. If you choose a wig or hair extensions, make sure it is not long. Long hair on older women is very stripper like (in my Katt Williams voice). Let’s be classy, ladies. If it is short, make sure it is neat. The best thing about hair is that you can cut it off and purchase a wig or extensions to make it longer the next day. Therefore, honestly there is not a cure for Bipolar Hair Disorder. I am waiting to hear from the hair gods. #pixiecutwigsweaveswhatever


  1. Girl I change my hair so often people don’t recognize me sometimes. It’s ok to change it up. I have a brown blonde wig I’ve been wearing for two days. It is too fckn cute.


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