Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Italian men love black women.  The Bravo series, “To Rome with Love”, appears to be very interesting.  There are several African American women ranging from their 20s to 50s looking for love.  Some of the women seem desperate for a man.  They are a bit bold by starting the conversation first, pushing up on the men, and telling their private business to total strangers.  This is a show that shows black women in a thirsty situation.  The women on the show act as if there is not a single man left on earth.  American black women going to Rome to find a decent man?  Okay, it has to be better than this in American.  Maybe it is not.

If I was single, I am not sure I would date anyone right now.  There are too many men with bad credit, no jobs or part-time jobs, and bad attitudes like someone owes them something.  Is that what American men are about?  So let me repeat this.  Black women are now so desperate that we are traveling the world to find a boyfriend or a husband?  That is sad.  What is the state of men in America?  The ladies in the series are accomplished and beautiful.  Why do accomplished black women are in need to travel to another country for a date?

The state of the black woman is at war with the men in America.  They can not handle us because we are educated and not very tolerable of nonsense that some of these men are trying to feed us.  The women in the show appear to not be stereotyped thus far.  However, this was the first episode.  We know that on reality tv, the African American women have Must Do’s.  Yes, I said MUST DOs.  They must be loud.  They must show some type of stereotype.  They must be angry.  They must argue.  And they must have a head full of bought hair.  Are we doing all of this for men, other women, or ourselves?

The reality series show African American women that want to fall in love regardless of race.  They are fed up with black men and American men.  The women are looking for love in another country because, in Rome, black women are queens.  This leads to the question, why are we not queens in American?  This is definitely on another topic. But anywhere, I should stick to the topic of the series.  I think you should watch it and see if you see yourself in any of the women.  If so, you may need to want to contact your therapist.  I will continue to watch the reality show to see the outcome.  #toromewithlove

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