Do you wonder how to travel to the places you want to go with little money or where to go once you get to your destination for fun and entertainment?  1515215358026-810111923-810111923.jpgWhen you are an inexperienced traveler, you may have various questions, but not a soul to answer them.  Guess what?  I will give you a guide basic travel so you can conquer 2018 traveling or simply add a destination to your bucket list.  The following are Serina’s travel tips: #1 Always travel Southwest Airlines.  They have the cheapest flights.  Until January 25, 2018, the flights are super inexpensive.  I booked a flight to New York City for $152.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it was $152.  If you are local to California, flights to Las Vegas are $40.  These are amazing prices.   Remember with Southwest, your luggage is free for one carry on and one two check-in bags.  Shop Southwest year round for great deals.

#2 Base your vacation on deals.  TRAVEL ON CHEAP DATES ONLY.  When on any airline sight, look for the least expensive date and base your vacation on bargains.  For example, look at the least expensive date, then plan your vacation.  This is a great way to save money.

#3 Chose a hotel that is a 4-star hotel.  The four-star hotel is not the top of the line, but it is not the bottom of the line.  Use your AAA card for deals or sign up for a hotel reward card,  Also, have a deal for travelers for after five stays, the next hotel is free.  Remember to read the hotel reviews and chose hotels that modern rooms and not floral bedspreads.  Floral bedspreads are tacky and dated.  This will give an idea if the hotel has been upgraded or still trapped in the 1980’s.

#4 Travel to participate in an event.  If you are a sports fan, travel to see a sports event on your vacation.  If you want to see the New England Patriots play football, make the reason for your vacation.  es, I am a Patriot fan.  That is why I use them as an example.CHose seats at the stadium of an arena that within your budget.  Make sure it is worth paying for and you have a good view of the team.  If not, go to a sports bar to see the game.  The sports bars are fun and great for social skills.  Going to an event that you enjoy on vacation makes the vacation more exciting.  Beach vacations are usually the best because the beach is free.

#5 No more rental cars.  We are in the 21st century.  You only need a rental car for distance trips while on vacation.  Go Uber or Lift.  It is easy and inexpensive.  When you in New York City, hit the subway.  New York subway system goes everywhere.  You can also travel from New York to Connecticut and New Jersey by subway.  Another option is the Mega Bus.  This is a great way to travel as well from adjoining state to adjoining state for cheap. Make your New York trip into a three-state trip. Do not forget to drop into Macy’s while in New York.  I spent seven hours in there.  It is unbelievable.


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