Being in your 40’s is the best time of your life. You have learned enough to not make irresponsible mistakes and you should be at the top of your game in your craft.  But what about the exterior?  Yaaasss, ladies in their 40’s are also concerned about our appearance.  A 40 year old diva does not wear clothes that make her look 20. A 40 year old diva wears clothes that make her look FIRST CLASS. Unfortunately,  there are 40 year old women who try to wear hair, shoes, and clothes to attempt at being 20. They are fighting the natural aging process. There are days that even I wonder, “should I wear that? ” If you question it, do not wear it.

If you want others to view you as mature and intelligent,  you must look mature and intelligent.  Maturity and intelligence are sexy. Being mature and intelligent does not  mean you should go out and purchase polyester pants and become a golden girl. It simply mean, dress to be CLASSY. Anybody can look like a project princess (There is not anything wrong with living in the projects. I am just not a fan of living there on purpose). But looking like you have class, takes work.

Routine for woman over 40 consist of: #1 comb your hair daily. Please make sure you have a comb in your purse. #2 Do not wear exotic make up. Adult women look like birds with too much color on their eyes. Stop it. #3 If you have hair extensions or wigs, please do not wear them really long. It is not attractive.  Looking like a person that belongs on a corner is not lady like. #4 Keep a manicure and pedicure. If you cannot afford it, do it yourself.  Make Saturday morning,  spa day. #5 Do not wear tight clothes, especially a size too small. I will leave that to your imagination.  It is not pretty. 

Remember divas,  40 is fabulous.  Let’s get it in divas.

3 Replies to “FINE AND 40 SOMETHING ”

  1. I’m getting my sexy on everyday of the weekend, but when I’m home for the weekend, I look straight up aweful. The kids turn me into a homeless looking person. Lmao


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