The So Cal Life

Ladies and Gentlemen, Southern California is the best place to live in the United States.  Yes, I said it.  We have great weather.  Unfortunately, the East Coast appears to be in blizzard-like conditions currently.  There is no need for a sweater in Southern California.   Southern California has beautiful beaches, amusement parks, two professional basketball teams, two hockey teams, two professional football teams, three professional baseball teams, Hollywood nightlife, Beverly Hills shopping, and great weather.

There is not a need on the West Coast for bomber jackets and snow boots.  On the East Coast and the North, diva’s can not look great and divalicious as we can in Los Angeles.  We can wear our sandals with pedicured toes.  Our hair is neatly displayed without a hat, scarf, and baseball cap because it is cold.  Do not misunderstand, I love New York City.  It is beautiful.  However, it is cold.  Anything below 50 degrees is ridiculous.  Come visit us in Southern California.  You may not want to return back to the North Pole.  I apologize East Coast for your weather.  I will catch you in the summer months at Macy’s in New York.


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