Top 5 Goals of 2018

These are the top 5 goals that everyone should accomplish in 2018. Forget about resolutions. Focus on being the best you in 2018. Set realistic goals that will make you feel on top of the world.

QS Quacquarelli Symonds
By Quacquarelli Symonds

#1 Travel.

Travel at least 100 miles from home. If you are on an extremely limited budget, drive or take a train for a day trip. Go to a random place you have never been before. If you are a step up financially than being broke as a pinto with no motor, set up a Southwest Airlines account. It’s absolutely free. You earn points when traveling.  I earned a free flight within 2 years. They often have flights for $49. Check the flights weekly.

#2 Community Service.

Feed the homeless, volunteer for Meals on Wheels.  There are so many senior citizens and people with disabilities that do not have anyone to visit with them. The feeling will be amazing. Remember,  God is taking notes.

#3 Try New things.

Try something new every month. If you never been to a zumba class, go to your first class. You only live once. Make sure it is not against the law or will injure you. Start a business (nothing illegal),  write a letter to #45 (Trump) about what a terrible president he us (No threats; you do not want to be on the secret service list ), or write a book. Hey, do not pretend that I am the only one that does like your president.  What have you always wanted to do, but allowed fear to stand in the way? In my Nike voice, JUST DO IT.

#4 Educate yourself.

Learn something new in 2018. The world is evolving. Why are you sitting around watching everyone around you grow? Become an expert in your craft. Learn a new craft. This may mean going back to school. Heighten your career. This simply means become certified. You will need to keep up in order to be competitive. Throw away your flip phone and old computer with windows 7. I believe we are on windows 10.  If you are have been on your job for 10 years without a promotion,  you either are a bum or not taking the time learn. Remember what happened in Detroit in 2008? The automotive workers were all laid off when the economy crashed. The automotive workers lost their homes all the way to the shoes on their feet because they invested in their job as a worker and did not take the time to learn anything else except building cars. Is that you? Are you just a worker?  NO. You are better than your job. You are life learner and an expert. Invest in you. You got this!

#5 Do you BOO.

Enjoy yourself. Have fun. Don’t take life so serious. Enjoy your family and friends. If you are a Diva, buy some high heels. If you are a Gentleman,  grow a beard. If you like short hair, cut it shorter. If you like long hair, buy a long wig or weave. Who cares? Stop worrying about what people think. If your guilty pleasure is looking at 600 pound life and hoarders, keep looking at it.

Whatever you do, do it with class. You are a brand. Remember, you are sitting on top of the world. Happy New Year.

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