Fat Black Barbie

I photographed these Barbie Dolls in Walmart today and was utterly offended about the depiction of a Fat Black Barbie in comparison to thin White Barbie doll.  There was an obvious difference is skin color; furthermore, the black Barbie is significantly larger than the white Barbie. I was in disbelief that the image of black Barbie is basically fat. Black Barbie is not curvy. She is simply overweight. It may be difficult to tell by the picture,  but in person it is so obvious.  Black Barbie looks like a swap-meet model with a cheap outfit. Meanwhile,  white Barbie’s outfit is cleanly tailored and very cute. Black Barbie is dressed like she is on a rap video shoot with a skimpy skirt. Both dolls were $7.94 at Walmart.  Am I wrong for thinking Black Barbie is portrayed negatively?

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