Dominique’s Kitchen

I have eaten at restaurants that exhibit illustrious luxury, but Dominique’s Kitchen is in a class of its own. Dominique’s Kitchen is nestled in the beach city of Redondo Beach, the South Bay area of Los Angeles.

dominiques kitchen
By Dominiques Kitchen

If you love Euro-French,  you are in for a treat. The lobster bisque is seasoned lightly where the taste of fresh lobster melts in your mouth. I was served braised grass fed beef short ribs that was so tender and fresh, I did not need a knife. The truffled potatoes are to die for. If you are on a gluten free diet, you have a variety of options. One option is the sweet potato fries seasoned perfectly with a specialty seasoning.

The atmosphere is romantic and sexy. This is a restaurant for the romance in you. It’s gently lighten where you can see your food clearly. But darken romantically to fall in love after every bite of food.

I advise anyone looking for quality food prepared by a upscale French chef that is one if the top chefs in the NATION, to visit Dominique’s Kitchen in Redondo Beach. You will not be disappointed.
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