La Sierra Market

La Sierra Market is a 100% organic market in a small little quiet area of Riverside, California, and has been located across the street from LA Sierra University since 1922. When it comes to organic, they are keeping it real.

The fruit looks as though it was freshly picked off the tree. It’s not sprayed with pesticides to look pretty and inviting. You know the pesticides are making us sick? So stop buying fruits and vegetables from the regular store, unless it’s organic.  LaSierra Market is all natural and a community market!  You can find fruits, vegetables, natural herbs and vitamins. There’s a vegetarian cafe connected to the front of the store, where there is always a long line. Although I haven’t tried the vegetarian lifestyle, the cafe looks inviting. I am not sure I can become a vegetarian. Jesus may have to come back for me to give up all meat. If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by. They are closed on Saturdays to honor their Sabbath and close early on Friday to prepare for the Sabbath.



If you know anything about LA Sierra University and the area, it is Seven Day Adventist. This community is natural, organic, and mostly vegetarian.  They sprinkled chicken and fish in their diet occasionally.  But usually those that eat a little seafood and meat, are not hardcore Seven Day Adventist. Some of  the longest living people in the United States are Seven Day Adventist that live in Loma Linda. This area is called the BLUE ZONE. Loma Linda is a larger version of LaSierra that incorporates Blue haired individuals called senior citizens.  I am guessing thats why it is called the BLUE ZONE. This is the age we are all aspiring to be one day.  What do they know that we do not know? Is being a vegetarian an option of living longer? Eating organic is healthier?  I do not know what the answer is for living longer. But sign me up for the BLUE ZONE. #LaSierramarketrocks

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