Just Be, A Novel by Kemmel Snowden

“As my sight began to blur from a lack of oxygen, my brain was receiving from being choked.” This is an excerpt from Just Be, a novel by Kemmel Snowden.

Pick up a copy of “Just Be” by Kemmel Snowden.  This book is a must read. It is a self help book on checking yourself when you think you are suffering from daily struggles. This is Kemmel’s memoir about her life from childhood to adulthood. Kemmel Snowden exposes her reality as a child with a mother who suffers from mental illness and how she overcame a disturbing and unsettled environment. This is not just an autobiography.  This is an eye opener of the life of a child in an dismantled environment. I could not put this book down. “Just Be” will nurture the spirit and soul for those who think that there is no hope.

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