Daniel Fast

What is the Daniel Fast? It is simply sacrificing certain foods for a period of time in order to have clarity from God. This is a fast that usually takes place at the beginning of the new year for cleansing and focusing. It takes 21 days to form a habit. Forming a habit of healthy food helps us with internal and mental production. Our bodies need a cleansing at least once a year. During the approximate 21 day fast, you go through physical change and mental change. Try hearing from God. You have nothing to lose, but maybe weight. These are the recommended foods for the fast:

1. AVOID sugar, meat, seasoning, eggs, preservatives, dairy, and gluten (breads and pasta)

2. EAT fruits, vegetables, brown rice, wheat bread, nuts, and seeds

3. DRINK water, almond milk, and vegetable juice

I also fast from certain activities such as, not purchasing fast food or avoiding social media. Try it!!!!


Vision Board

20181216_160534Vision Boards are great ideas to kick off your new year. However, I only accomplished cutting out images and pictures in 4 hours. Vision board parties are great ideas for social gatherings and flowing ideas off of one another. Friends chat and have lunch instead of focusing on the vision for the new year.

My vision board will be completed by the weekend. This will be the best yet due to turning 50 next year.  50? OMG. Where did the time fly? Did I complete the vision from my youth? Mmmm I absolutely completed some of my vision from my youth. I completed 3 degrees and working on my 4th and final, raised great children without any hiccups, and have a wonderful relationship with God. What’s next?

Maybe I will take up a new hobby, move out of state, teach at a university,  start a business, and sow seed into someone’s life. I’m not sure. But I know that it is ok to dream. Plan for 2019. Create a dream board with something that only God can provide. Go rogue. Dream big. I will have a completed board by January 1, 2019 to rock in the new year. Do not forget to display it on your wall and dream on it daily with prayer. Remember,  God will do it.




Fat Black Barbie

I photographed these Barbie Dolls in Walmart today and was utterly offended about the depiction of a Fat Black Barbie in comparison to thin White Barbie doll.  There was an obvious difference is skin color; furthermore, the black Barbie is significantly larger than the white Barbie. Continue reading “Fat Black Barbie”

Typsy Alchemist

The Typsy Alchemist is a bar/lounge in uptown Dallas. I highly recommend when in the area, check this place out. They put on a full show with drinks. The bartenders are awesome. The drinks are reasonably priced around $11-$15 on average for a drink. Happy hour starts at 5pm to 7pm. The music and drinks are a place for a great evening unwinding after work or on weekends for fun.


battery-1049668_12801199877754.jpgIt is time for the midweek charge. Our lives are made up with plans, circumstances,  and situations. This can be emotionally draining. By the time hump day comes along, Wednesday, we began to struggle. There are tools that can help you recharge your mid-week to get you to the end of the week.

1. Look forward to the weekend. Make sure you plan an event for the weekend. This keeps you excited and driven. An event can be as simple as sleeping an extra hour or taking a walk around the neighborhood.

2. Take a walk. Walk around your neighborhood and use all of your senses. Smell flowers, look at houses, feel the wind against your skin, drink water while walking, and listen to the birds chirp. Remember, you are alive.

3. If you are religious, go to a mid-week service at your place of worship. This will help keep your spiritual walk on to Sunday. Wednesday worship services are a way to retool your mental outlook.

4. Drink a cup of coffee early in the morning prior to your household gets up on the morning. Coffee is a rejuvenator. Drink coffee while the house is quiet and plan your week.

5. Take a break at work. DO NOT WORK WITHOUT A BREAK. You will burn out without a break. By Friday, you will be fried without a break. On your break, eat lunch and call a love one. This will recharge your week.

What are you tools are recharging?

This is SERINA’s opinion.



I recently visited New York City on a girls trip. There is so much to see in a small time frame. I highly suggest to travel to New York for at least a week. The top sites to see are:

1. 911 Memorial: This is an emotional site. Be prepared to weep. Make sure you bring tissue. Next to the memorial is the fire station of the 1st responders. The cost is free.

2. Statue of Liberty: The cost is $18.50 for the boat ride round trip to Liberty Island.  There is a cafe and gift shop if you would like to eat or make a purchase of a souvenir. Additional cost to tour Lady Liberty .


3. The New York Subway: You can’t go to New York without riding the subway. The cost range between $2.50 to $20 for a week pass. It’s inexpensive and fast transportation. An expensive option is Uber for $50-$100 and it brings traffic. 20180603_2016181063709004.jpg

4. Tonic Sports Bar: This is an awesome place to view your favorite sporting event. They serve cocktails and light food. Also, you can sing karaoke and listen to a DJ that plays the hottest songs.

5. Bravo Kosher Pizza: The cost is $5.50 a slice. This is the best pizza I have ever eaten. Omg, New York pizza is the best.

6. The Renaissance Hotel: Ladies, if you are looking for suits, this is the spot. This is where the money moves are being made. Go up to the 5th floor to the restaurant.  The food is pretty good and the atmosphere is an adult. This is a nice spot to chat, have cocktails, and network.

7. Time Square: The cost is free. There are thousands of people hanging out. This is a must see. There are restaurants, clubs, bars, and shopping. If you are not comfortable being in the presence of thousands of people , don’t go to Time Square.


8. St. Patrick’s Cathedral: The cost is frre, unless you would like to light a candle. The cost to light a candle is a $2 donation. This is the church of church’s. The church is made of marble, stone, and mahogany wood. This is a beautiful landmark. There is a gift store at the church to purchase a rosary and other Catholic figures and items. The church is directly across the street from Rockefeller Center. Rockefeller Center is across the street from Radio City Music Hall, where Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Fallen is taped. This is NBC territory.

9. Hillsong Church: The cost is free. This is a non-traditional church. The congregation is youthful and on fire for God’s. I truly enjoyed the sermon and service. There are many celebrities that attend this church, such as Kevin Durant. It has 6 services on Sunday and approximately 8,000 people attend Sunday services collectively. If you want to join church, there is no need to go front of the church in a traditional sense. You can text and you will be sent a download. Once you download the booklet of the church information , you can attend 4 new member classes. This is awesome. This is the New Church. I love it.


10. MACY’S: Yes indeed, I love this Macy’s. It is the largest Macy’s in the United States. It is 9 stories and takes up an entire city block .The basement has deals and memorabilia. The first floor has Louis Vutton, Gucci, Prada, 2 Mac Stores, Michael Kors, Starbucks,  and more. The 2nd floor is dedicated to shoes. Yes, shoes. During September and October, there are some closeout on 7 floors. This is unbelievable . The remainder of the floors have clothing. The top floor has McDonalds, Pink Berry and several other restaurants . FYI, each floor has a “Last Chance” section.


Fake it Until You Make it

In Southern California’ wine country lays a small consignment shop called Plato’s Closet. It has designer purses slightly used, such as Michael Kors, Coach, and Kate Spade at reasonable prices. It’s a Boujee girls best kept secret. If you like quality clothing, hand bags, and shoes at a reasonable price, with a soul food restaurant across the street (Phat and Juicy Soul Food Restaurant, and wine tasting all in one day, visit Temecula. Ladies, wear your designer hand bag and shoes while sipping wine in the lovely city of Temecula. Be boujee at Plato’s Closet.


Ladies and Gentleman, this is my many looks over one year. I am screaming over what to do with my hair. As I get older, I am indecisive over my hair. Yes, I am hiding gray hair. No, I do not feel old. But I am 48. Why are women constantly changing hair styles? We go from short, natural, wigs, and hair extensions to confusion. With age, the decisions become more confusing. Over 40, the concerns become about covering up grays and not looking like a teenager. Well, I believe the solution for those of us that are diagnosed with Bipolar Hair Disorder, is simply be simple. Coloring your hair is great. But also add a simple hair style so you will not look like you just stepped out of a Drake video as the old lady trying to look young. If you choose a wig or hair extensions, make sure it is not long. Long hair on older women is very stripper like (in my Katt Williams voice). Let’s be classy, ladies. If it is short, make sure it is neat. The best thing about hair is that you can cut it off and purchase a wig or extensions to make it longer the next day. Therefore, honestly there is not a cure for Bipolar Hair Disorder. I am waiting to hear from the hair gods. #pixiecutwigsweaveswhatever



Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Italian men love black women.  The Bravo series, “To Rome with Love”, appears to be very interesting.  There are several African American women ranging from their 20s to 50s looking for love.  Some of the women seem desperate for a man.  They are a bit bold by starting the conversation first, pushing up on the men, and telling their private business to total strangers.  This is a show that shows black women in a thirsty situation.  The women on the show act as if there is not a single man left on earth.  American black women going to Rome to find a decent man?  Okay, it has to be better than this in American.  Maybe it is not.

If I was single, I am not sure I would date anyone right now.  There are too many men with bad credit, no jobs or part-time jobs, and bad attitudes like someone owes them something.  Is that what American men are about?  So let me repeat this.  Black women are now so desperate that we are traveling the world to find a boyfriend or a husband?  That is sad.  What is the state of men in America?  The ladies in the series are accomplished and beautiful.  Why do accomplished black women are in need to travel to another country for a date?

The state of the black woman is at war with the men in America.  They can not handle us because we are educated and not very tolerable of nonsense that some of these men are trying to feed us.  The women in the show appear to not be stereotyped thus far.  However, this was the first episode.  We know that on reality tv, the African American women have Must Do’s.  Yes, I said MUST DOs.  They must be loud.  They must show some type of stereotype.  They must be angry.  They must argue.  And they must have a head full of bought hair.  Are we doing all of this for men, other women, or ourselves?

The reality series show African American women that want to fall in love regardless of race.  They are fed up with black men and American men.  The women are looking for love in another country because, in Rome, black women are queens.  This leads to the question, why are we not queens in American?  This is definitely on another topic. But anywhere, I should stick to the topic of the series.  I think you should watch it and see if you see yourself in any of the women.  If so, you may need to want to contact your therapist.  I will continue to watch the reality show to see the outcome.  #toromewithlove


Do you wonder how to travel to the places you want to go with little money or where to go once you get to your destination for fun and entertainment?  1515215358026-810111923-810111923.jpgWhen you are an inexperienced traveler, you may have various questions, but not a soul to answer them.  Guess what?  I will give you a guide basic travel so you can conquer 2018 traveling or simply add a destination to your bucket list.  The following are Serina’s travel tips: #1 Always travel Southwest Airlines.  They have the cheapest flights.  Until January 25, 2018, the flights are super inexpensive.  I booked a flight to New York City for $152.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it was $152.  If you are local to California, flights to Las Vegas are $40.  These are amazing prices.   Remember with Southwest, your luggage is free for one carry on and one two check-in bags.  Shop Southwest year round for great deals.

#2 Base your vacation on deals.  TRAVEL ON CHEAP DATES ONLY.  When on any airline sight, look for the least expensive date and base your vacation on bargains.  For example, look at the least expensive date, then plan your vacation.  This is a great way to save money.

#3 Chose a hotel that is a 4-star hotel.  The four-star hotel is not the top of the line, but it is not the bottom of the line.  Use your AAA card for deals or sign up for a hotel reward card,  Also, Hotels.com have a deal for travelers for after five stays, the next hotel is free.  Remember to read the hotel reviews and chose hotels that modern rooms and not floral bedspreads.  Floral bedspreads are tacky and dated.  This will give an idea if the hotel has been upgraded or still trapped in the 1980’s.

#4 Travel to participate in an event.  If you are a sports fan, travel to see a sports event on your vacation.  If you want to see the New England Patriots play football, make the reason for your vacation.  es, I am a Patriot fan.  That is why I use them as an example.CHose seats at the stadium of an arena that within your budget.  Make sure it is worth paying for and you have a good view of the team.  If not, go to a sports bar to see the game.  The sports bars are fun and great for social skills.  Going to an event that you enjoy on vacation makes the vacation more exciting.  Beach vacations are usually the best because the beach is free.

#5 No more rental cars.  We are in the 21st century.  You only need a rental car for distance trips while on vacation.  Go Uber or Lift.  It is easy and inexpensive.  When you in New York City, hit the subway.  New York subway system goes everywhere.  You can also travel from New York to Connecticut and New Jersey by subway.  Another option is the Mega Bus.  This is a great way to travel as well from adjoining state to adjoining state for cheap. Make your New York trip into a three-state trip. Do not forget to drop into Macy’s while in New York.  I spent seven hours in there.  It is unbelievable.



Being in your 40’s is the best time of your life. You have learned enough to not make irresponsible mistakes and you should be at the top of your game in your craft.  But what about the exterior?  Yaaasss, ladies in their 40’s are also concerned about our appearance.  A 40 year old diva does not wear clothes that make her look 20. A 40 year old diva wears clothes that make her look FIRST CLASS. Unfortunately,  there are 40 year old women who try to wear hair, shoes, and clothes to attempt at being 20. They are fighting the natural aging process. There are days that even I wonder, “should I wear that? ” If you question it, do not wear it.

If you want others to view you as mature and intelligent,  you must look mature and intelligent.  Maturity and intelligence are sexy. Being mature and intelligent does not  mean you should go out and purchase polyester pants and become a golden girl. It simply mean, dress to be CLASSY. Anybody can look like a project princess (There is not anything wrong with living in the projects. I am just not a fan of living there on purpose). But looking like you have class, takes work.

Routine for woman over 40 consist of: #1 comb your hair daily. Please make sure you have a comb in your purse. #2 Do not wear exotic make up. Adult women look like birds with too much color on their eyes. Stop it. #3 If you have hair extensions or wigs, please do not wear them really long. It is not attractive.  Looking like a person that belongs on a corner is not lady like. #4 Keep a manicure and pedicure. If you cannot afford it, do it yourself.  Make Saturday morning,  spa day. #5 Do not wear tight clothes, especially a size too small. I will leave that to your imagination.  It is not pretty. 

Remember divas,  40 is fabulous.  Let’s get it in divas.